A Wedding at WinMock: William + Kate

These two are simply the best. They met over 8 years ago (yes, EIGHT!) and have been in love pretty much ever since. I was fortunate enough to spend most of my weekend with William and Kate at their rehearsal dinner and then on their wedding day, so I've become quite familiar with their love story. Well, at-least how it was told by their family and friends! 

It's a story that starts with them "just being friends," but ends with them being husband and wife! See, William and Kate were good friends early on - William was the guy giving her advice about all of the other guys she was dating. One day her mom finally said "Kate, what about William - this guy that's giving you all of this really good advice about the other guys?!" Well folks, the rest is a love story... :) 

William and Kate truly are two of the most genuinely-kind people on the planet... Throughout their day they were constantly checking on others to see if they could help them with anything and making sure others had what they needed. It's obvious just how loved and admired they are by their close friends and family... And that always makes for SUCH an incredible wedding day! 

Pretty much every weekend here in NC the last month or so has had pretty serious threats of rain, and this past weekend was no different. But, despite what the forecast tried to tell us, we had a beautiful day for a gorgeous wedding! (Although the heat didn't give us much relief! haha) 

William and Kate: you two were oh-so-wonderful to work with, and I cannot wait to share the rest of your beautiful wedding images with you very soon! Until then, enjoy your honeymoon and the first weeks as newlyweds... There's nothing quite like it! 


Photography: Jordan Tickle Photography

Venue: WinMock at Kinderton

Coordination/Planning: Relish Design Company

Florals: Green Bee Floral Designs

Hair/Make-up: Updo's

DJ/Entertainment: On Target DJ

Catering: Providence

Cake: Maxi B's

Stationary: Suite Paper

Videography: Kenny Roberts


An Intimiate Rainy Wedding: Zack + Becky

I'm not convinced that rain on a wedding day is such a bad thing... This weekend Zack and Becky were planning a beautiful, intimate ceremony outside their church, but the weather had other plans. It was not only rainy, but actually a little chilly too - so the ceremony was moved inside to the lobby. (Lucky for them, the lobby has beautiful, tall windows that truly made it a perfect setting!) As soon as the ceremony and family formals were complete, Becky assured me that she was 100% game for going outside in her dress for some portraits in the rain - so off we went! I'll let you be the judge, but personally I'm thrilled with how the images turned out, and I don't know that they would have been quite so "steller" without a little rain on everything!  

Funny story: Becky and I first met through her sister-in-law, who was a bridesmaid for a close friend of my wife's (whose wedding I photographed). I was set up at the TriadWeddings Marry Me event, and Lily brought Becky by my booth to make sure we were able to connect and get up a time to sit down with her and Zack to nail down details for their wedding. I'll never forget meeting Becky because she was one of the only people I spoke to at that show... See, the show was the same day that my wife was induced to have our daughter! (Disclaimer: Yes, I was still at the wedding show - but for all of about 30 minutes until I couldn't take it, and ran back to the hospital! It's a long story as to why I still attended the show, but I swear the doctors assured me I had plenty of time to work the show and come back without missing anything at all. And as it happened, I would have been able to have attended about 9 shows... This kid of ours took over 55 hours to show up! haha) So, to sum it up, I remembered meeting Becky for the first time quite vividly because I took off for the hospital right after we were done chatting! Then she brought Zack to our first meeting and I knew right away these two were "my kind of people." Both of them were super focused on making their wedding experience as laid-back and genuine as possible! They chose to do this by having a small ceremony with closest friends and family on Friday evening, and then a HUGE celebration and BBQ with all of their guess the next day. And I'm here to let you know that they nailed it! 

Zack + Becky: I SOOO enjoyed being able to document your wedding journey and get to know both of you! Your wedding was refreshingly unique and oh-so-fun! I'm glad I was there to be a little part... You two enjoy your first weeks as newlyweds, and have fun on the honeymoon! I can't wait to share all of your images with you at the studio over milk and cookies! 

A Wedding in Tupelo, MS - Shane + Lauren

This weekend was a special one... One of my close friends, Lauren, married her best friend, Shane! Lauren and I met about ten years ago (I seriously can't believe it's been that long) in college, and we've been good friends ever since. She was a tremendous help at my wedding with SOO many things (even sang for it too!) - so being a part of her wedding was truly something I've been looking forward to! Not that I was much help, but I was able to capture it!

Lauren and Shane were married at their church in Tupelo, MS - Lakeview Baptist, and I don't know that Mississippi has ever seen a more beautiful day. The sun was shining, breeze was blowing, birds were singing and tons of people were there to celebrate with us! Lauren has been teaching at their school for the last six years, and many of her students played roles in her wedding day - ushering people to their seats, and even serving all of the guests fully plated meals at the reception! It was amazing to see just how much so many of the people truly loved and cared for Shane and Lauren, especially the teens! 

The entire wedding was beautiful, but the ceremony was probably one of my favorite times of the day. Before their vows Lauren's two brothers and sisters-in-law sang a song together and then during their unity candle, both sets of parents prayed with them. It was so good to see family incorporated into their ceremony! 

Another super awesome detail of the day was Lauren's veil... She wore the exact same veil her mother wore on her wedding day - but her dad didn't have a clue about it until he saw her for the first time. How awesome is that?!

All of that to say this: Shane and Lauren are married and I truly couldn't be any happier for two people or more honored to be a part of such a special wedding! Congrats you two! 

Guest Writer: So You Went to a Wedding Show... Now What?!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Today on the JTP blog we're doing something brand new and featuring a guest on the blog - Lindsey with Face Forward! I ran across this article from Lindsey about a week ago and thought it was very helpful for anyone in the process of wedding planning and "show attending." If you've ever been to a wedding show you know first-hand how overwhelming and somewhat confusing they can be. While it's great to see so many amazing vendors, it's difficult to figure out a "plan of attack" on narrowing down who you would like to hire for your big day! 

Lindsey has be so kind as to let us share her article with you, and I think you'll find it quite helpful! 

IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW:Face Forward is one of the best on-location beauty experts in the Triad, providing excellent customer experience and a passion to leave each woman feeling radiant and confident! Please make sure to check them out! 

So you went to a wedding show... Now what?!

Well if I'm a good guesser it is probably one of 3 situations;

1. You went to the show looking for one or two specific vendors to finish wedding planning in which case you found them and are feeling super successful and accomplished! Good for you, pat yourself on the back and go kick back on the couch with a glass of wine! You earned it girlfriend!

2. You are one of those brides that went to the show because you are super excited about being engaged but you don't even have a venue or date yet so really you were having mindless conversations but not really getting any where.....NOW here me when I say there is nothing wrong with that! Next Step- getcha a venue girlfriend and then go to another show! They are wayy more fun when there is real possibility!

OR 3. You have a venue, date and maybe a few other vendors but more than anything you need to make decisions and figure out how to make your dreams a reality....which probably means your slightly freaking out because you talked to EVERYONE, got over loaded on information and are now having a slight panic attack.......THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU FRIEND!!! Grab a brown paper bag and a seat- I've got your back boo!

First thing first. BREATHE. You are gonna be just fine!

Most people will tell you to start with the big things! And I agree but I also agree with starting with the things that are most important to you! IF the cake is extremely important then start there! Because if it is important to you and your fifi (what I like to call a fiance) then you want to make sure you get the vendor you LOVE!

So find a seat on the floor and spread out all those brochures and information sheets and probably grab that brown paper back and take another deep breath. Pick out the important categories to you! Then test yourself see who you remember! Typically the vendors you remember are the ones you had great connections with. START THERE. Get in touch with them, set up consults or whatever their next step is. When you complete that category go to the next! 


If you meet with a vendor you love and trust ask them who they recommend for the other categories you still need to book- chances are you will love them too! Vendors tend to kinda run in packs, they have other people who work like them and who mesh well. Vendors who mesh well make for a seamless wedding day! 

Take it one category at a time. Breathe deep. Check one item off the list at a time. When you mark one off revisit your brochures and pick the next. Its a progression. It will all come together! I promise. And if you get to a category where you don't have any information or you don't have a good connection with a vendor than find another show to go to. OR hop over to theknot.com or WeddingWire.com where you can search vendors in every category (kind of like an online wedding show!)

Bottom line. Deep breath sweet babe, we are here to help you plan your wedding. One step at a time.

We truly hope this helped our over whelmed nearly weds! Are you a past bride with advice for a soon to be bride on not getting overwhelmed? Please comment your advice below!



Did you enjoy this article? We did too! Make sure to check out Lindsey's work with Face Forward - go show her some love over on Facebook and Instagram