JTP's Photo Basics Class: March 12, 2016

It's time for another round of JTP's very own Photo Basics Class! This class is a fantastic way to learn to use that camera of yours and finally understand how to work it - using it to it's fullest capacity! We'll cover the very basics of photography in the beginning to make sure you're 100% prepared to create beautiful images with your camera, and the light around you. It is such a fun time of learning, but also meeting some new people! Feel free to bring friends along and make it even more fun. 

**Are you interested in a private class for just you and your friends? Group rates are available for a custom class! Inquire for details**

Here's what to expect…

• 4+/- hours of class time
• Refreshments included
• Very informal and casual. 
• 8 MAX, probably no more than 6. (depends on how many sign up)
• You'll receive handouts with all the information that I cover
• You'll retain access to this group for as long as you want, and you can ask for help, suggestions and critiques
• $135 per person. (Retail $200)
With the small class size it will be super hands on and more individual than a large class would be. My goal to is to make it a lot of fun, but also give you a lot of knowledge - in a way that's easy to remember and apply!

Things I'll be covering: 
• How your camera works
• Aperture, shutter speed and ISO and what they are
• How to compose a good shot, subject placement, etc. 
• How to work with the light and equipment you have
• How to interact with YOUR kids and friends to make better portraits
• Angles and ways to shoot so that your images have a more creative flare
• Equipment upgrade suggestions (within reason, I'm aware y'all don't wanna spend a ton of money!) 
• Reading suggestions - photo help books
• Editing software suggestions (again, financially within reason) 
• Maybe some actual shooting, if we have the time!

A camera with manual settings - you need to be able to change your ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

Shoot me an email to reserve your spot today!