Engaged: Courtney + Reagan

On a warm summer's evening, I roamed the streets of downtown Greensboro, NC with one of the most awesome couples you'll ever meet. Courtney and Reagan are getting married this coming June and I couldn't be more excited for them. They're relationship is fantastic - they're truly themselves when they're around one another. I love to work with couples that aren't afraid to show their TRUE emotions to my camera, and that's who I got! The best accessory you can wear for your photos is your REAL smile. Hey - there's a lot of things we can "fake" in Photoshop, but true happiness just can't be replicated.  

We had a blast during our session - sharing more laughs than I can even remember! Courtney left me the best review, and in it she stated that it was an experience her and Reagan would never forget. That's exactly what I strive for - with each and every session! Courtney, I've got news for you: this is a session I'll not soon forget either! Thanks for letting me be a part of telling your love story!