Family: The Tyndalls

This family was a riot! From the moment they stepped out of their SUV I could tell that this family was “my kind” of group. They all jumped out of the car ready to have fun with their session! I adore when families decide that they’re simply going to be themselves and act like they always do, because that sets the scene for THE most original photos. When a family doesn’t try to portray perfect and let’s their quirks come out – that’s when you know they’re comfortable… And that is a huge compliment to me because it’s one of my main goals to make my clients feel at ease when I’m photographing them. So that means when people let their guard down and show who they really are I do a little fist pump/victory dance inside! 🙂 

Tyndall Family: You guys were a BLAST to spend time with and photograph! We shared so many laughs that evening – I’m honestly not sure I can even remember what half of them were about! Thanks for being yourselves and rocking your family session! 

  1. Olivia says:

    You captured us perfectly 😊💙 A+

  2. Doug says:

    To my beautiful family…I love all of u very much. Sometimes the things that irritate us the most are also the things that bring US together and make up who we are as a family. We will definitely miss these moments as the kids grow older. But, because of u, Jordan, we will have a visual memory of this one day. Thankvu!

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