Don’t Forget to Experience YOUR Wedding Day

Don’t make the mistake that so many couples make on their wedding day. Take time to stop and experience the little moments, the ones that you’ve been waiting your entire life for! 

Too often, couples become engulfed with all of the details and formalities of their wedding, which means that, sadly, they miss out on one of THE most important aspects of their big day – experiencing how the wedding truly feels! Photos are absolutely necessary, and video can be an amazing thing to help you re-live your wedding, but the photographers and videographers are there to capture how the day looks. Only YOU can capture how the day feels… 

My wife and I are still considered newlyweds, so I understand first-hand that weddings are crazy! They’re so very busy, emotional, kind of stressful, wonderful, almost “terrible” in some ways, too long, too short, exciting, pretty scary – and about 246,783 other things too. Weddings are intense! BUT when it’s all said and done, most of the things we tend to wrap ourselves up in truly don’t matter in the end. We wanted our wedding to be perfect, and I know that you do too – but what I wanted most from my wedding (and what I want for you) was to never, ever forget how special the day was and how wonderful of a time it became for my wife and I. The photos are beautiful, the video is special, and the saved mementos will forever be held close to our hearts, but the moments that I took the time to soak in, and truly wrap myself around, are some of the most amazing times I’ve ever experienced! These small clips of time more real and special to me than anything we have left from our wedding.  We made it a point at several times throughout the day to stop and really bring our focus back to what we were there for – to commit our lives and pledge our love to one another. That’s a big deal, and you need to enjoy the moments surrounding it. 

These two images of Paul and Hannah sprouted this blog post for me. I love that these two truly took the time to soak in their wedding day and enjoy all the little moments that made it so special. The shot on the left was taken moments after Hannah’s dad gave her away, just before her and Paul were about to walk up the stairs to where they’d say their vows. I absolutely love that we caught the look they gave to one another – it’s as if they’re thinking “Yep, we’re doing this! I love you babe!” It’s priceless! Moments just like this one are what will set your day apart from all others and give you the lasting memories you have dreamed of. 

On your wedding day, take time to stop, even if just for a few seconds, and soak in as much of the atmosphere and love that you can. Take time to look your partner in the eyes, even if you can’t say anything. During the ceremony, maybe even throw your sweetheart a wink (that is, if you’re good at doing it discreetly!) Simply remind yourself to stop whatever you’re doing and think about what’s really happening that day. Weddings fly by faster than anything I think I’ve ever been around and before you realize it, they’re over. You have waited your ENTIRE life for this day to come, so make sure you do everything you can to experience all that you can – and make the most of the best day of your life! 

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