Greensboro Engagement Session: Tiana + Jermaine

Tiana and Jermaine were literally bursting with love and laughter at their engagement session this summer – and it shows in their photos! The way they look at one another conveys such a deep love and connection. It’s priceless.

I’ll admit that when Tiana told me the location she had picked for our session I was a little hesitant because of all the bright colors… But I’m also willing to admit that I was wrong – very wrong! Tiana chose a location that was PERFECT for their session and really helped highlight the couple. (That yellow dress she wore looks like it was made for her and these photos, doesn’t it!?) This is one of the many reasons I truly like to get to know my couple and listen to their ideas – they have really good ones! I know that *I* am the professional and that technically I know best (I guess) but my couples know themselves better than I ever can, so listening and paying attention to what they like and hearing out their ideas is the absolute best way for me to connect with them. When I do my part to dive deeper and really “get” my clients, and they do their part to help me understand them, that’s when true photographic magic happens! 

Today is actually their wedding day and I’m heading out in a few hours to start documenting the biggest day of their lives. I’m looking forward to more images just like these to share with y’all on Monday! Until then you’ll have some of their engagement session to soak in!

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