Summerfield Farm Engagement: Courtney + Adam

Engagement sessions are the perfect way to express who you are and where you’re at in life just months before your wedding day! I tell all of my couples (and I believe it) that your engagement session is your last chance to take photos together before you’re married. (“Ok . Duh! I know that.” But think about it with me…) There will be many, many more photos taken of the two of you in the future, but they will always be of you as husband and wife. You will never have any more photos of the two of you “not married.” This is a special, unique, and once-in-a-lifetime phase in your lives and you truly don’t want to forget it! Really – it’s a pretty cool thought if you look at it that way! So, don’t miss out on engagement photos! 

As many of you know, my wife and I got our first puppy just a few short months ago and we have quickly become, what I like to call, “those crazy dog-people!” We are absolutely in LOVE with our Sullivan and I’ve begun to uncover a love for dogs that I’ve never really had before… Why am I telling you all this? Because Courtney and Adam brought Miss Maggie, their dog, to their engagement session and we had a blast with her! She followed us everywhere and could not have been any better behaved. Including Maggie in some of the session was such a neat way to incorporate part of who Courtney and Adam are as a couple and where their lives are at this very moment! 

Life is ever-changing and photos are one of the only things we have to pass special moments down to future generations! Don’t miss out on them.

This session took place at Summerfield Farms just a couple of weeks ago and I don’t believe we could have asked for a more beautiful evening! The setting was absolutely spot on. We’re all praying for weather just like this on Courtney & Adam’s wedding day! 

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