So, I gave my WIFE a camera…

Let’s be real. How many of us have times where we are wrong about something? (Go ahead, raise your hand…) We’re all guilty of this from time to time – and probably more often than we care to admit. Am I right!? 

Well today I’m keeping it real and totally shedding some light on my most recent “I-was-wrong-and-you-were-right” discovery: My wife, Heather, is actually REALLY good behind a camera! She’s awesome! Yes, I said it – I was wrong and she was right! (I’m sure she will be using this for proof in the future)

 It’s not that I don’t think she’s the best at pretty much anything, but she and I are worlds apart when it comes to the “creative” side of things. Her personality is far more tilted to keep things in even numbers, use straight lines and keep perfect pairs – where I’m more prone to place odd groupings together, round the edges of a few things and color outside the lines for “art’s sake.” See, Heather is an oncology nurse and is absolutely my hero. She loves her job and patients more than I can even begin to understand – which is something I just don’t think I could do. She deals with people in some of the worst times of their lives, and I deal with people during their best times in life… We’re different in a lot of ways and I really like that because it tends to even both of us out! 

Now let’s rewind a little… For the past two years she’s been dropping hints about shooting with me at weddings. Still being new to this “husband” thing after just a little over a year of marriage, I was quick to brush the hints off and just forget about them. At least that was until a couple of months ago when she really began to hone in on insisting I take her to a wedding with me. I insisted that she wouldn’t love them as much as she thought , but she still wanted to shoot with me. So I let her go along with me and prepared my on-the-way-home-speech of  “I told you so. I knew you wouldn’t like that!”

Boy was I wrong! 

Heather accompanied my second shooter and I for the entire day and then on the way home from the reception she let me in on just how much she enjoyed it. Right then and there I immediately realized that I had created a monster! She fell in love with the wedding photo process. (and my camera) It was such a great experience to get to work side by side with her and be able to share the details of the day that night, but I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t really expect to use many of her images. Again, not that I didn’t have faith in her, I just knew that she wouldn’t enjoy it and probably didn’t see the need to tweak things as much as I might would. I knew she would have a few that I could make work, but I didn’t expect the slew of images that came from her camera! 

Moral of the story: never underestimate the power of an amazing wife! I knew that she had amazingness oozing out of her ears, but I didn’t know she had photography skills hiding deep inside! Check out some of my favorite images from Heather’s day at Trevor and Laura’s wedding – they’re beautiful! 

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