The Cetwick Wedding: Justin + Diana

What a wedding this was! It’s been such a wonderful experience to guide Justin and Diana through the entire photography experience, from beginning to end. (Check out their engagement photos) It’s such an honor to spend so much quality time with a couple, and their family, and then be a part of their wedding day. Call me crazy, but it’s something I really love being a part of. When I’m able to show up on a wedding day and feel like more of a friend than “just a vendor” it pretty much completes the “circle” of my personal experience as a photographer. I love being able to be a small part of my couples’ big day! 

Justin and Diana’s wedding day was filled with many things: love, laughter, dancing, tears, excitement and rain. LOTS of rain! Although the rain tried to drown out the party, we didn’t let it. Fortunately The Cetwick was beautiful and had tons of space to keep everyone out of the weather, but still have places to grab beautiful portraits! 

There are many things about this wedding that I will never forget, but the one thing that I would categorize as most unique AND most memorable would be the firemen that showed up. The DJ had all kinds of smoke and lights going for the dance party, but the smoke detectors didn’t care much for all the festivities. Early into the reception, the fire alarms began to sound!  A fire truck showed up and firemen ran into the building. Obviously everything was perfectly fine, but it made for QUITE the memory! I don’t think that any of us will soon forget the dance party that couldn’t even be stopped by fire alarms… Seriously, everyone kept dancing amid the screeching alarms! It was a party that could not be hindered! 

Justin & Diana: It’s been so good to be such a part of your wedding story, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed every step of the way! The love you two show is absolutely one-of-a-kind, and I cannot wait to see where life takes the two of you. (I hope you both are enjoying your tropical vacation while the rest of us here in NC are being drowned by this hurricane!)

Best wishes and congrats!


Photography: Jordan Tickle Photography

Venue: The Cetwick

Hair/Make Up: Updo’s

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