Finding YOUR Perfect Photographer: Intro (part 1)

Recently I was approached by Triad Weddings Magazine and asked to write the photo editorial for their Spring/Summer 2016 issue. I was honored to have been chosen and quickly began brainstorming just what to write about. There were literally hundreds of ideas that began to flood my mind, but I wanted something a little different… Something that would really help couples figure out which photographer to hire amongst the plethora of options. After much consideration I settled on a rather “simple” topic, but chose to include several areas that could really help in the quest to connect with the photographer that would best fit into your dream wedding plan! 

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing the different aspects of the article with you, here on the JTP blog. Here are the topics we’ll cover…

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – The Three “P’s”

Part 3 – Hobbyist vs. Full-Time Photographers

Part 4 – The Royal Treatment

Part 5 – A Connection

Part 6 – Added Value

Capturing weddings is what I do, and who I am… But connecting with couples and helping them make their wedding an incredible experience is what I live for! 


Chances are, you thought picking a wedding photographer would be fabulous. “Just go pick the one with the prettiest pictures,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. After countless “Google searches” and social media polls, you are confused and somewhat “fed-up” with all of the options to pick from and now it has become a daunting task you would rather someone else pick for you… Let me be the first to tell you that picking your wedding photographer SHOULD be fabulous and it most certainly CAN be tons of fun – you just need a few tips to learn how to spot the photographer that will be the best fit for you. It truly is a simple process and does not need to intimidate you. Trust me…

Well, there you have it! The first paragraph of many in an article that will change the way you hire your wedding photographer! Check back for the next piece (part 2) to this puzzle! 

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