Finding YOUR Perfect Photographer: The Three “P’s” (part 2)

This portion of the article covers the three most common areas couples consider when looking for their photographer and will help you to better understand exactly what they entail.  

Part 2: THE THREE P’s

When searching for your perfect wedding photographer it is important to consider the “Three P’s”: Portfolio, Packages and Pricing. A photographer’s portfolio is a very important thing to review to insure that you are considering someone who is truly good at producing beautiful work, consistently. It is vital that you see several different types of photos from a mixture of weddings the photographer has shot, because this will show that the photographer has the ability to create beautiful images in almost any location you might choose. Any packages a photographer has to offer can often times give you a good idea of what many couples have chosen in the past. It is a good thing to see several different options so that you do not feel as if you might miss out on something important to you. One key factor to consider when looking at packages is whether or not those packages can be customized to fit your exact needs. A photographer that isn’t willing to create a selection that best works for your wedding is most likely going to be the same way throughout your entire experience and will usually leave you feeling a little trapped. Ideally you would have unlimited funds when planning your wedding, but very few in the world have that luxury, so prices do play a large role in who you can choose to work with. In order to save you time, disappointment and lots of frustration, make sure you have an idea of where a photographer’s prices begin and what that usually includes. There is nothing worse than finding the photographer of your dreams, and then realizing they are triple what your budget allows for – so make sure to have a good idea of whether or not they can fit within your budget. Many times photographers will give an initial starting price on their website or in emails, but will choose to wait until meeting you to fully detail packages and what they offer – do not let this deter you from considering them. Most photographers that choose this method are very focused on getting to know you, and want to work with couples that connect with them on a level that goes beyond prices and package details. Much of the time, package lists are concise and take a little explanation, so waiting until you meet with them insures there is no confusion when you see the details of what they offer. 

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