Finding YOUR Perfect Photographer: The Royal Treatment (part 4)

This portion of the article just might be the one that I’m most passionate about! See, I’ve worked many weddings over the years and there is literally nothing that can get under my skin. Well, except one thing… Couples not being treated like royalty! I absolutely detest when couples aren’t treated like the rockstars they really are. I’ve been around several vendors (even some photographers) that have the mindset that their couples are there to serve them, to make them more money or further their career. Basically they feel as though they themselves are “God’s gift” to the wedding industry and each couple that hires them is beyond lucky to be able to work with such talent. THAT makes my blood boil! It should literally be the exact opposite. Brides and grooms are the stars of the entire show and it should be an honor for any wedding vendor to be chosen to work with people on the biggest day of their lives! For me, it’s a true privilege to be selected as a couple’s wedding photographer. I want to do all that I possibly can to serve them and give them an incredible experience every step of the way. When my couples leave the studio for the “last time” with their finished wedding album, I want them to feel as though they just finished one of the best chapters in their lives. I desire that each of my couples want to “re-do” their wedding day simply to experience the photography again. (Is that crazy to wish for?) 

Here’s the bottom line: in an industry that is literally saturated with more options than ever before, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot work with vendors who are dedicated to giving you the best service they possibly can, and truly feeling honored to have been selected to serve you on your journey. In picking someone to accompany you through your wedding experience (like a photographer) you should never settle for any less than the best – choose to work with someone who is as dedicated to your wedding as you are!  


Have you ever felt like an inconvenience to the barista behind the counter at the coffee shop? Is that not one of the worst feelings?! As a bride, you should never feel that way! A photographer who is truly dedicated to their clients will know just how important your wedding day is to you. From the very first contact, a committed photographer will strive to make you feel like you are the most important bride on earth and take the time to listen to your needs. When meeting with your photographer you should feel like they are more focused on listening to you than trying to tell you about what they do – that’s what their website is for. Getting to know your photographer is definitely a good thing, but you want to be sure they are interested in how to best serve you, rather than how you can help them. One of the best ways to quickly distinguish an experience-based photographer is by observing what they talk about and what questions they ask you in the first twenty minutes you meet with them. Should a photographer immediately “get down to business” and begin shoving price sheets toward you, then you will know that the chances of being committed to a personalized experience is pretty slim with them. On the other hand, when you sit down with a photographer and they begin to ask you about your love story, the proposal, your dog or cat, your interests, your wedding theme and things a bit more personal, then you will immediately see that you have found someone who is interested in making sure they can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Every photographer is a little different, so there is not a specific checklist to go by, but when you feel like they are more interested in you than themselves, chances are you have a strong contender for YOUR perfect photographer. Should you find a photographer that tries to force you into a certain mold they prefer, remember that they will try to do that throughout your sessions and on your wedding day. You need someone that is flexible and determined to not only give you the best photos possible, but to also deliver the most incredible wedding experience you will ever find! 

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So – if you’re ready to finish the article, I just might let you! If you can’t wait for the last two segments to hit the blog, then you can “cheat” one of two ways. 1) Pick up your own complimentary copy of Triad Weddings Magazine 2) View the online copy of the magazine – the article starts on page 132!

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