Finding YOUR Perfect Photographer: A Connection (part 5)

Today we’re talking about making a connection with your photographer – a true, awesome, makes-you-wanna-hang-out connection. Of course you should look at past work, reviews, packages and a few other things, but it’s absolutely imperative that you really, REALLY like your photographer. You need to truly think they’re pretty cool – and here’s why. See, of all the wedding vendors you select and choose to work with, your photographer will be around and interact with you more than almost any other. We’re there while you’re getting ready, just before you walk down the aisle, as you’re saying your vows, during family photos, while you’re dancing, and up until the moment you drive away and head to your honeymoon. We are there to capture every moment as it unfolds, and you’re going to spend quite a bit of time interacting with us. This means that you really should like us! If a photographer sort of gets on your last nerve, do NOT choose to have them shoot your wedding – no matter how beautiful their work is! You might end up with beautiful photos, but you’re going to be annoyed with them because you’ll remember that irritating photographer every time you see them. So, book someone you connect with – someone that truly gets who you are! 


 With photographers around just about every corner, it can be difficult to determine who is the right fit for you and your wedding. Making sure you actually make a connection and “click” with whomever you hire is of the utmost importance in today’s wedding industry. Not only should you love their work, but you should sort of love them too. It’s kind of simple: when you really like your photographer and your photographer really likes you then nothing but amazing things can happen! Finding someone that you feel totally comfortable with is one of the best things you can do for your wedding.

Did you enjoy this blog post? Check out the rest of this article here on the JTP blog or in the current issue of TriadWeddings Magazine – page 132!

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