A West End Engagement Session in Winston Salem, NC: Ashley + Carlos

Ashley and Carlos are getting married this fall at a brand new venue for me (Wistella Farm) and I’m so flipping excited to shoot there! (New venues are always a favorite) So it’s only fitting that Ashley wanted to shoot her engagements somewhere new for me too – the West End of Winston Salem. I’ve been through there before, but never really stopped and paid much attention, but it’s so stinking beautiful around there! It’s interesting how some people can see what will make a good setting for photos, and others don’t really envision it… Ashley and I were both on the same page the moment we stepped out of the car, but Carlos was a different story. He kept looking at both of us like we were loosing our minds a little, but he trusted us. After about 15 minutes of shooting I showed him a few sneak peeks on the back of my camera, and he was sold 100%! I love being able to show people how creative photography really can be…

I’m so incredibly happy with how these sneak peeks turned out, but how would they be anything other than perfect with a couple this awesome? Ashley + Carlos: I cannot wait to share the rest of your images with you this weekend! 

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