A Cowboy Silhouette: Kaitlyn + Cody

For me, photography is much more than a “means to an end,” or a job to be finished. Instead, it’s an experience that I’m convinced should be felt and enjoyed.

Anytime I’m talking with perspective couples I always spend far more time emphasizing the passion I have for the people I’m working with – because I feel that my work can’t truly capture the connection my couples share if I am not able to connect with them myself. Telling someone’s story is vastly different from photographing them.

Being photographed is actually a pretty vulnerable place to put yourself. Most people really don’t love photos of themselves, so as a photographer it’s deeply important that I’m able to help my couples break down those walls and get right into the middle of who they are – and capture the true essence of who they are when they’re together. I’ve yet to meet a couple that didn’t love photos of themselves that were a true representation of who THEY are together. I’m not talking about “pretty photos,” I’m talking about photos and images that are 100% in line with telling the story of who THEY are, and why THEY love each other. I know it’s cliche, but I swear to you – every love story is different, and I have yet to shoot weddings that were even similar. (I thrive on that, btw!) And that’s the key to what I do – and why I do it the way I do!

About the photo:

In my eyes, this specific capture really personifies Cody and Kaitlyn. This was one of the very last photos taken at their engagement session, and it’s absolutely one of my favorites!

We were on their farm, shooting in the middle of a field that Cody and his dad have worked countless times… Both of them were dressed in their more casual attire, Cody was wearing his cowboy hat, and the sun was showing off it’s colors almost as good as I’ve ever seen them! Just moments before these photos in the field, Kaitlyn had actually fallen off of her horse and hit her head pretty hard – but she insisted she wanted to push through the pain and catch the moments before the sun left. So that’s exactly what we did. Cody cradled his fiancee in his arms as the sun set, and Kaitlyn’s mom watched from behind us in the distance. It truly was a pretty awesome moment, and being able to be a small part of that was something I’ll always remember. 

I love that this capture is a silhouette, because not only is the sky on fire, but the outlines of Kaitlyn and Cody’s faces tell it all. Their faces aren’t visible, but we can see their sweet, romantic smiles just enough to feel a connection with what they’re feeling. Moments like this one aren’t something you can set-up, or even coerce a couple into.  They’re authentic and so very perfect…

And just think: I’m the one that gets to capture stuff like this! 

(Sometimes I truly can’t believe I get to be a part of a journey like this with my couples.)

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