Why the Little Things Matter to Me

I’ve been working with some of the world’s greatest clients for quite some time now, and one of the things I “pride” myself in is an attention to detail. I tend to be far more detail-oriented than the average person, and that comes with it’s positive things AND it’s negative ones too. It tends to drive my wife crazy. I can’t simply look at something and take it at face value, I have to practically dissect it. (I blame my art appreciation class for that part of it!) BUT, even with the possibility of being a pain at times, being driven to pay attention to small details is a very important thing for me. See, the small things – the little details – are what matter to my clients. 

Weddings are probably one of the first things that would come to mind when one thinks of the word “details.” There are rings, decorations, flowers, dress details, hair, jewelry, etc. That list could literally go on for days! Those details are always important because family and friends have spent countless time and resources to gather those things and make sure they’re a part of the day. When we look at portraits, specifically, the small aspects are important too, because having those perfect are what will create a stunning, and flawless photo that we’re looking for. Paying attention to hair, clothing, hand placement, the background, and much more makes up an integral part of my daily work. Clients rely on me to see the things they might miss and help them look their best. 

Although I love the physical details of weddings and portrait work, my favorite part about being “detail oriented” is listening to what my clients are looking for. It’s an incredible feeling when a client mentions something to me that they love, and then while we’re photographing I’m able to make it come true for them – whether it be the perfect sunset capture on their wedding day, or that timeless smile a husband gives to his wife for a moment during family photos. Being able to see those moments and know that it’s exactly what my clients are looking for is something I truly treasure. 

For me, being a photographer isn’t about owning my own business, trying to be “well-known,” or even making money – it’s about creating an incredible experience for my clients and being able to capture their memories exactly like they remember them. I’m glad that I pay more attention to detail than the average person, because even though it can drive my wife a little bonkers, it enables me to create and preserve the most memorable moments for my clients! 

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