Y’all – 2017 was seriously the best! I was able to work with the coolest couples and capture some of my favorite work to date. I love to look back on each year that I’ve photographed, because it lets me see how my style has evolved and how my work has grown with each passing […]

Today is a pretty “monumental” day for JTP – it’s the 5th anniversary of the very FIRST wedding I photographed! Really – I can’t believe it’s already been that long. In some ways it feels like just yesterday… I hadn’t been in the “photo world” very long and I was determined that I’d need to […]

The JTP Photo Basics Class is here! March 12, 2016 – only $135! Don’t miss out! 

I’ve been working with some of the world’s greatest clients for quite some time now, and one of the things I “pride” myself in is an attention to detail. I tend to be far more detail-oriented than the average person, and that comes with it’s positive things AND it’s negative ones too. It tends to […]

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