Jordan Tickle Photography: Best of 2017

Y’all – 2017 was seriously the best! I was able to work with the coolest couples and capture some of my favorite work to date. I love to look back on each year that I’ve photographed, because it lets me see how my style has evolved and how my work has grown with each passing shoot. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is that things are NEVER the same. I actually had two weddings this summer, just 7 days apart, that were at the same venue, had the same florist and even had the same officiant – but guess what?! They were completely different weddings, and each of them were unique. That’s what I love! 

2017 kept us in the Triad area for the most part, but we did get to travel a little… We went to Mississippi and even up into the mountains of Virginia too! We shot at churches and ballrooms, at hotels and barns, in the rain and sunshine, and even on the edge of a mountain! Our year was wonderful! 

This year I’ve learned 3 things that have meant a lot to me personally: 

1) I am so blessed to be doing exactly what I’m doing. I love working with so many wonderful people, and I truly am honored to be entrusted with so many special moments and memories! 

2) I LOVE what I do! Photography is so much more to me than a camera or a finished image – it’s making a difference in people’s lives, and helping them leave a legacy. 

3) Gear is absolutely NOT the most important. Don’t get me wrong, super good gear is a huge player in the world of photography, but if you can’t see moments and help people be themselves, then you’re just snapping photos… Not creating photographs. This year I’ve been lucky enough to have really slowed down my pace and focused more on what’s actually happening – and it has allowed me the opportunity to capture people and moments in a way that I’ve never done before!!


So, to each of you that were a part of JTP in 2017, THANK YOU! Thank you for not only supporting my business and my dream, but thank you for helping me support my family and live each day with the satisfaction of knowing I’ve made a difference in this world! 2017 was truly incredible, and I cannot wait to see what 2018 holds for us! 

[queue drumroll::]

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for – here are my favorite moments from 2017! 

(In no specific order, I might add…)

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